by American Goner

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released April 19, 2017



all rights reserved


American Goner Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Yours, Always
heard the street call out my name
I was nearly drowning
standing in the intersection dancing for the rain
something just like
waking up next to a stranger
and falling in love with the way they look in the morning

found her somewhere between
oh my god
and what have I done
tasted like heaven in a thunderstorm
while I looked like hell on a Sunday

darling if you need to get rid of your sins
I can help you shed your skin
I've had practice with it
the first cut is the always the worst
from there it's all about new beginnings

you sat on the couch
and said it all hits too close to home
asked if I had any pills
that you needed to get high alone
and I swore I'd never leave you
Track Name: Barlight
old flames burning at both ends
with new loves tonight
our apathetic hearts, against the marooned sky

and when the telephone rings
and there's a tiny voice on the other line
I know it will be you
and you'll be looking for a good time
so when my footsteps
hit your bottom step
you better have the door unlocked
cause I'm not sneaking through the window again

your hair will be, all over the place
it's the way it always is
but on nights like these
I'd think you called the morning scene

and give my regards
to all of my oldest friends
I was a better man then, I was a better friend
past the point of no return
I was never much of a fan of this place

so when the needle drops
and the room starts to hum
it will remind me of junior high
and making love to our favorite songs
but for now
I need a place to hide
because all of my past
has come back to haunt me
Track Name: Build Me Out Of The Wreckage
I've been spending these nights
curled up with these lonely ghosts
waiting for them to take me away
waiting for them to take me away

I've been singing all your favorite songs
letting the words fall to the floor
darling come and take me away
darling come and take me away

oh, forever and ever
and amen, amen

been sweating this ache out
like a fever burning me up
let me burn up and fade away
let me burn up and fade away

pictures left untouched on the dresser
you always looked so beautiful
let you leave and fade away
let you leave and fade away
Track Name: Bummer Summer Jams '97
packed up my shit
couldn't afford a truck
so I brought it all to Goodwill

this place was once a savior
until I started losing myself in
the bars and the cheap hotels
there was always a drink
and always a girl who no self esteem
I'd drink until I couldn't walk home
wake up in the park on a bench

got mugged just past 2nd street
got a black eye and a scar
the next night I got laid
cause sympathy has broken down
more strong wills then any pickup line ever has
we can't take ourselves
getting lost in the refrain
we're holding onto memories
getting caught in the midnights
strung out on promises never kept
string us up by our last thread
we want the world or nothing at all
Track Name: Young Blues
you said, come on babe
lets make some mistakes
I want to have some regrets to take to the grave
in the your arms, everything seemed to stop
you shivered like a theif
out to steal my heart
we passed those old buildings
we would run around in as kids
during those forever long nights
we were searching for reasons to live

we'd dance to the records, as the tears fell down your cheek
I told you, you looked beautiful, you said you always knew I'd leave

the torn pages of my favorite book
littered your floors once
just like all those songs
I made for you
I wonder if you ripped them out
because they cut you deep
or if they reminded you of me
there was something about, your skin in the moonlight
something about your scars, and how they shined
if I had the chance
you know I'd make you mine
and if I had the chance
I'd love you all my life